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First off, we honestly appreciate you showing interest in SERE (Survival, Resistance, Evasion, and Escape).  The career field has evolved in the last couple years and continues to grow at a pace that demands highly motivated and hard working people like you to fill those empty seats stateside, as well as Overseas. Before starting the journey we feel you need to know what you are getting yourself into.  Really do the research; look at the requirements, check out the videos, and read the forums/discussions.  If married, involve your spouse.  We will ask you to read through this entire letter, attached documents, and web links below our signature block.  

After that, write down some questions before contacting us again.  One assignment you will have with your Air Force Recruiter will be to review the attached "SERE Fact Sheet", sign it if you understand, know that you can contact a SERE Specialist, and turn it in with your enlistment package. 

After you research the career field, contact your local Air Force Recruiter about enlisting as SERE Specialist, AFSC 1T0X1.  This is a guaranteed job and you will enter under the Guaranteed Training Enlistment Program or “GTEP”.  Keep in mind that all applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD) and described below.  The key to this whole process is patience and stay on top of the paperwork.  Don't assume anything and ask questions to the right people. FYI:  We can answer questions on being a SERE Specialist but the recruiting process is run/owned by Air Force Recruiting Service. is important to stay in touch with your assigned AF Recruiter.

Mandatory Entry Requirements for SERE Specialist:
** Indicates requirements met by Recruiter/MEPS. The remaining requirements will be met through appointments in Basic Military Training (BMT) or during the initial SERE Specialist Orientation Course (SST-OC) on Chapman Annex at JBSA Lackland, TX

1. Reading Test, AFRAT or Equivalent;
    a. 11th Grade Reading Level or higher
    b. Conducted and validated by Education or Learning Center Equivalent. 
    c. Note: Reading test conducted in Class III physical does NOT count for this requirement.

2. Security Clearance: qualify for a SECRET level clearance.

3. **ASVAB Score of 55 or higher in “General Area”.

4. Special Warfare Airman (SWA) Physical to meet requirements of a SERE Specialist Duties and Static Line Parachute Training at Ft Benning, GA:
    a. May be denied entry into the SERE Specialist career field at MEPS due to a current or past medical or psychological condition.
    b. Basic entry physical for the Air Force will be conducted at MEPS and a more detailed Flying Class III physical required for SERE will completed            at JBSA Lackland while you are completing BMT. 

5. **SERE Initial Fitness Test (IFT); See attached Worksheet for requirements. A passing score is required prior to signing a contract for SERE.  This     evaluation of your physical condition will be conducted by a T3i Special Operations Developer who is authorized by AF Recruiting to test and work       with all Special Warfare Airman applicants.

  a. Your physical condition is what you control and the IFT evaluation is an OPEN BOOK test.  A large percentage of our losses at the SST-OC are        related to candidates being in poor physical condition.  You need to show up in exceptional physical condition, ready to perform, and exceed the            standard.

6. Psychological Evaluation: 
    a. Conducted at JBSA Lackland while in BMT.  This is a "job-fit" evaluation to see if you are the right match for the career field. 
Next, if you meet the requirements, the basic Non-Prior Service (NPS) path will be for you to complete the enlistment process at your local recruiting station/MEPS, and then receive a report date to JBSA Lackland, Texas. Be aware that the report date lines up with your scheduled SST-OC Course date immediately following BMT.  Once at Lackland you will be assigned to Basic Military Training (BMT). Stay motivated, stay healthy, and stay in top shape. After BMT, you will then be assigned to the SST-OC Course nearby at Chapman Annex.  If you graduate the 15-day long SST-OC Course you will be given 6 days to go back home, grab your belongings, and then move to Fairchild AFB, Washington.  You may be apprehensive about what you are getting yourself into, totally understand. However, many like you have tried out for SERE and have succeeded.  

Keep in mind, if for some reason you are looking at being cut from the team due to poor performance the SERE Cadre will have a multitude of discussions and paperwork about you before any decision is made.  You will also receive continual feedback/counseling and have the ability to correct your performance.  The decision to remove a candidate from training is taken very seriously and everyone understands the consequences of such a decision.  The SERE Cadre will make every effort to assist you in training but understand some individuals are not cut out to be a SERE Specialist.  Do me a favor; do not make any major decisions about your future in SERE while in the field.  Emotions are running high at times and you may regret your decision.  Wait until you are back on base.  Most of the time you will look back and say to yourself, “I am better prepared for what I just experienced” and “That was not so bad”.

Finally, you can talk all you want about training into the fast paced, and ever changing career field of being a SERE Specialist, but NOTHING speaks louder than YOUR ACTIONS during training. 

Two Major Reason’s GTEP Candidate’s do not make it through:
1. Not physically prepared, many cannot meet the minimum requirement. WORKOUT; see suggested “SERE Workout” attachment below.
2. Not mentally prepared, to work hard, live with some discomfort, and push beyond your comfort level. Remember, thousands of other candidates have succeeded. 

Here are the keys to the kingdom in order to succeed: 
1 Communication—both directions to the required level and follow-up! 
2. Integrity-Ensure the job is done without others looking over your shoulder.
3. Teamwork—Mission accomplishment w/fewest problems. Work together and watch out for one another. 
4. Motivation—Positive attitude is contagious, so is a negative one

If you still have questions about the SERE Specialist career field contact us using information below.  Otherwise, go see your local AF Recruiter to get started and join the team.  Good Luck and #GOSERE!!!

SERE Recruiting Liaison Office (SRLO)
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